Welcome to FUZZY RPM Repo

This is my personal repository of RHEL compatible software packages I need for my own projects.
Some software packages could be outdated (very outdated), some are bleading edge and buggy.
You are free to use this repo without any warranty.

While this repository is publicly accessible, all access is provided "AS IS", with no warranty of any kind,
including but not limited to any warranty of merchantability, suitability, non-infringement or fitness for any particular purpose.
I have no responsibility for any packages content and|or any use of this packages and their content.
By downloading and using any packages and|or files from this repository,
you agree you are doing this on your own risk and exclusive responsibility for any legal and|or illegal
implications and|or limitations of the download and use of this packages and their files.

All registered trademarks, logos, product names, are the sole property of their respective owners.


  1. Install FUZZYrepo RPM for CentOS:

    rpm -Uhv //fuzzyrpm.odi-telecom.net/fuzzyrpm-latest.repo.noarch.rpm

    Some package groups (like vzkernel, perl-5.18 etc.) are disabled by default due to possible conflicts with the packages already installed from other repos and sources.
    You may need to edit manually /etc/yum.repo/fuzzyrpm.repo to enable such package groups.

  2. Check fuzzyrpm repo is listed now in repolist

    • example for CentOS 6:
      $ yum repolist | grep -i fuzzyrpm
      fuzzyrpm/x86_64                  CentOS-6 FUZZYRPM                         1,643
      fuzzyrpm-noarch                  CentOS-6 FUZZYRPM                           668
      fuzzyrpm-perl-5.18.2             CentOS-6 FUZZYRPM Perl 5.18.2             2,015

    • example for CentOS 7:
      $ yum repolist | grep -i fuzzyrpm
      !fuzzyrpm/7/x86_64               CentOS-7 FUZZYRPM                         5,361
      !fuzzyrpm-noarch/7               CentOS-7 FUZZYRPM common arch packages    2,681
      !fuzzyrpm-perl-5.16.3/7/x86_64   CentOS-7 FUZZYRPM Perl 5.16.3 x86_64        436
      !fuzzyrpm-perl-5.16.3-noarch/7   CentOS-7 FUZZYRPM Perl 5.16.3             1,846

Packages are recognised.

Manual browsing

You can always browse repo files manually at //fuzzyrpm.odi-telecom.net/rhel/.

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